Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Au Revoir!

We had a lovely Christmas. Although we missed being with either set of parents, we had a very special time just the two of us.

On Christmas Eve, we went to see Avatar at the matinee. Kris was delighted. I was outraged at the poor storytelling and resulting headache (turns out my eyes only like things that really are 3-D). The things a person will do for love!

After that we went home and Kris got our Christmas cards ready for sending while I whipped up a feast of homemade egg rolls and pot stickers, complete with the most scrumptious dipping sauce. Kris called me his "hot Asian wife" afterward. Still not sure what to think about that... :)

We capped the evening off with sparkling pomegranate juice, our very own duet concert of fine Christmas carols, and a reading of Luke II and 3 Nephi.

And then, I kid you not, Kris actually set our alarm clock for 6:30 am. Sometimes I think the man I married is six. But don't worry--two minutes before the alarm sounded, Kris poked me until sleep fled and then said, "Are you awake? It's Christmas!" When I was just about to work up the strength to strangle him, something his mom would call a "Christmas Miracle" occurred: he rolled over and went back to sleep until eight. Close call.

Opening gifts was fun. We acquired a few family movies for our collection, some rad light bulb terrariums my sister made(check out "life hacker" sometime online), a few books on the Cherokee nation (more on that later) and some greenbacks we haven't yet negotiated a use for. Thanks, everyone! I got Kris an electric razor (with my name on it) and he got me a cupcake safe. To celebrate, I made cupcakes. (Sorry, Mel, for another "artsy close-up of flowers and junk." I can't help myself!) I did not take this picture of the terrarium, but it's pretty sweet, eh?

We spent Christmas evening with one of Kris's sisters, playing games with their kids, losing games to them, and eating a seafood feast. Good times had by all. Now we just have to wait a whole year for our next grand Christmas adventure.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photoshop, I loath thee!

So I've been tooling around on Photoshop, fixing on the pictures I took at Sierra's wedding...I love what that program can do, but I hate how frustrated I get when it doesn't do what I want it to do when I want it to do it. In all reality, Photoshop should be frustrated with me for my ineptitude :) I like this picture though:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh, Georgia!

Gadzooks! I just realized the date and that it has been five years since I came home from my missionary work in Georgia. Man, I miss that time of my life! Nothing beats boiled peanuts, sweet potato pie from Bro. Hockenbury and a hug from his wife, hanging out with Sister Hebbard, Tifton--dear Tifton!--dinner at the Millers, Mamma and Pappa Weaver, lessons from the Gardners, s'mores with the Humphreys, so many more great people, and teaching the word of God. I can't believe all of the wonderful things that have happened in my life during these last five years(Kris!), but I'll always think kindly and often of my missionary companions (Permann, Shug, word!) and the people of Georgia. Thanks for the great times!

What a Wedding!

Well, the deed is done: On Saturday, Sierra became Mrs. Nathan Nelson. She was a beautiful bride and we're glad to have Nate in the family.

But it was the coldest event of my life. They got married in the morning and it was twenty degrees while we took the pictures afterward--"No coats, bridesmaids, no coats!" While I shivered me timbers in a silky black dress and ballet flats, Kris went around taking photos of the temple grounds. He's pretty good.

I like this one because it reminds me of a stern finger, pointed and shaking.

The reception was lovely (and early, vahoo!). I did photog duties and that was pretty fun. A recurrent theme in my work was the dessert buffet. Hmm...

And this is me with the cake I made for the event. Twelve hours of my life I'll never get back :)

Congratulations, Sierra and Nate! And one big thank you to the Samson Clan and everyone else who helped out--we couldn't have pulled it off without you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trains and Things

Christmas is almost here! On Friday night Kris took me on a date to see the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We rode the train down and then walked around in the freezing cold. It was beautiful! I love to see the temple, all surrounded with lights and people from everywhere enjoying the season together. It's fun to be in love.

We've had a heavy, two day snow storm. Here was our conversation on the way to church this morning...

Sam: You're going a little fast. Don't we need to turn here?

Kris(mischevious grin of delight upon his face): That's what the e-brake is for!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas is here! So are grazing deer

Today Sam and I went to the local tree lot (in the parking lot of our faithful neighborhood grocer, Stop and Shop) and we bought a Christmas tree!  Sam seemed to want one that was nice and round, all filled out, and conical.  Yeah well…I like tall and skinny, with funky little branches here and there.  Plus those are cheaper!

Sam sure knows how to decorate a twig, huh?

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