Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mystery Meat

Being a thrifty housewife, I purchased several roasts on a steal-of-a-deal special this summer. Two were beef and two were pork. I carefully wrapped and froze three of them. But, allowing that I have a mind like a steel trap, labeling didn't seem like that big of an issue...Six months later (yesterday) I decided to thaw a roast for tonight's dinner. I crock-potted and then we ate it. But the question lingers...exactly what was "it"? Now I wouldn't consider myself my own father's daughter if I couldn't recognize mutton when I tasted it. And turkey...well, that's just a distractor answer to see if you're really paying attention when you respond. But you tell me--exactly what did the Bell's eat for dinner tonight?

Kris says it was pretty good with ketchup...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quotes by Kris

Sitting in the cheap seats at the discount theater on a Friday night...

Sam: So, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Kris: Well, they're both pretty rad.

Heating up leftovers for dinner and sorting through old stuff...

Kris: Do you want this old jewelry box to go in the guest bedroom?

Sam: (Gives Kris a funny look) No.

Kris: Ok, it's your house.

Sam: It's your house too.

Kris: No, it's mostly the woman's house. Except for the toilet; that's a man's. And the roof. Most structural elements.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

O Canada!

There are two weeks every two years when I am glued--direct eyeballs and screen contact--to my television. It's the Olympics, baby! My biggest accomplishment on skates is that I have never fallen and the closest I'll ever come to gymnastic gold is the one and only vault I ever completed on the chartruese-carpeted box we used in Debbie Cook's second grade gymn class...I'll never do sports like the Olympians do sports but I love the thrill of cheering them on from thousands of miles away. It's the most ridiculous thing...there I am, sitting on my couch, all sweaty and gripping Kris's leg like it's a safety rail and I'm willing the skaters to land those jumps and the skiers to make those hair-pin corners. And when they win, I'm absulutely sure that it has something to do with my efforts. I mean, it's the men's skating free program and as Lysacek takes the ice I am actually chanting to myself, "USA, USA, Down with Russia! USA, USA, Down with Russia!" (Blame it on my Cold War developmental years...). But my insanity doesn't stop there. No. Last weekend we had the annual Robinson Family Ski Weekend and I started every run with a barbaric yawp and when I was tucking it straight and going way too fast for my legs I wasn't even remotely worried about my own safety; I was thinking, "Lindsey Who?" Delusional, I'm completely delusional. And I like it that way. But for the safety of everyone else and the continued pursuit of detante and world peace, it's a good thing these games are almost over...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Troll

On Saturday we had family in town, which led to a lovely day of sledding and fun. Kris and his brother-in-law made this incredible beast...ever made a snowman this rad before? We're glad the Capells made a visit!