Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers Bring Birthday Flowers

When Kris took his job we were under the understanding that he would likely travel a couple of days each month. We didn't love the idea of so much time apart, but you do what you have to do to get employed. Anyway that was nearly a year ago, a year that he has spent departing from home and blissfully returning for a good meal at the close of every single day. Until yesterday, the day before my birthday. Then, naturally, the powers that be desperately needed him to go talk to someone important about something businessy in Arizona. (Insert "stoic public support" and "pitiful little-girl tears on my pillow" here.) But today five of my favorite flowers, each the size of my hand, were delivered to me at work. Kris is great at reminding me that he loves me more than anything. And he really does. I'm one lucky 28-year-old!

P.S. Even with a tripod and time-delayed shutter action, it's pretty hard to take a picture of yourself. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
P.P.S. My adorable little sister came down to keep me company, so don't go throwing me too big of a pity party. We had a grand time. And lot's of pie.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fresh Cut Grass

Things I love about April...mowing the lawn for the first time of the year (ok, fine, watching Kris mow the lawn), planting a garden full of peas and purple potatoes and beets and spinach, seeing our rhubarb and strawberries come up from their winter dormancy, weeding the tulip and daffodil patch while examining it hourly for signs of new blooms, throwing a frisbee at the park.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Although Easter weekend was ridiculously cold and miserable (weather-wise), we had a great time in Twin Falls with Kris's sister and a big family dinner on Sunday with a bunch of other relatives from the Idaho side. My favorite part was chasing after Ben and Janie, two of the cutest kids ever. But I have no photographic evidence of that part, so you'll have to make do with images of two other highlights...

Yes, that's right, that's me with 42 packages of Ramen. "Highlight?" you query, thinking to yourself that a couple of DINKs like us should be able to afford a better highlight and isn't this the woman who just said she liked colorful foods and refined settings? Well, quiet your ignorant backbiting and look closer--that isn't just any Ramen you behold--it's Picante Beef, the King of Ramen, the delight of my mouth! It's elusive stuff, but we located a whole passel in the Fred Meyer of Twin Falls. You should have seen the way the poor cashier looked at us when we pulled into her line with one of those little red baskets all topped off with only those glorious lime green packages...and the way I felt compelled to inform her that we weren't starving, just enraptured with it's spicy goodness. Find a Fred Meyer and try it, friends...Picante Beef will soon be on your list of highlights too!

I noticed that you got a bit distracted by my ruffly outerwear in the Picante Beef photo, so I'm including this full-length shot for your perusal. Another highlight: having an adorable mother-in-law with fancy sewing skills and extra-prompt gifting powers. She made this lovely apron for my birthday (still some weeks away) and had me open it early. Isn't she (and it!) cute!? Yeah, yeah, I'm not bad either ;)