Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big News

Well, folks here it is. We've been trying to get "in the family way" for almost as long as we've been married. But apparently, for all of you skeptics out there, there IS a Higher Power, and he has enough wisdom to refrain from cursing humanity with my genetic contributions (Do we seriously need more frizzy hair, adult onset acne and beakish noses? Exactly!). So the short of it is this: We've decided to adopt and we're pretty dang excited about it! But let me just show you what adoption looks like.
It's this:


And we're only just getting started. Do you think that I'm supposed to learn patience? Seriously, I think that it has to be easier to grow a third arm. I might just try that theory out, race myself. Anyway, wish us luck!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ah, Weekends!

Last weekend we got to see almost all of Kris's family, gathered together in Twin Falls. It was a luxurious feast of family fun, painting, plumbing, other home repair, and reading to the nieces and nephews. Oh, and stalking them with our camera. This is one cute photo that Kris took:

Didn't I marry into an attractive family? I could easily post a whole wall of these cuties, but I'll only do one more:

This weekend, we planted flowers in our back yard and spent nearly all day Saturday in our garden. I love petunias. And peas. But I hate thinning beets--it's too sad!

We also had a pipe break in our basement...which lead to a midnight scramble to locate and shut off our water main. That was interesting. Fortunately we accomplished the feat and no major damage was done. But the best part was discovering a massive crawl space (hitherto unknown to us) adjacent to our bedroom. We call it the "torture chamber." It was a regular Goonies-style adventure. The crawl space looks just exactly like the picture below...but minus all of the lights, vaulted ceiling, water, etc. Oh, fine, they look nothing alike! But it gets your imagination going, doesn't it? Kris want's to go camping in our crawl space sometime...I think not.

Anyway, life is good. School is nearly out for summer and we're happy people.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

So Sheri Dew said in a conference talk: "both God the Father and Adam called Eve 'the mother of all living'—and they did so before she ever bore a child."

Mother's Day gets me thinking of the many ways my wonderful companion is a mother, even though we don't yet have a tantrum-ing little one in sacrament meeting. Our day will certainly come, and it'll probably be my child screaming "save me Bishop" as I take him/her out to the foyer...but for now, we do a silent high-five each time it is not us carrying out an enraged child.

So here's a non-definitive list of things which help me appreciate the motherhood of my sweetheart.

1. sends me to work with a lunch pail full of goodies
2. listens intently as I tell her about things which are of the utmost importance, like WiFi antennae and fancy new computer parts
3. manages to keep a house (sometimes despite my best efforts) which invites the spirit into our lives
4. never lets my own stupidity lead to a situation of my having no clean underwear
5. shares her mad kitchen skills with hungry neighbors, ward-members, and travelling salespeople
6. provides me with a good example of choosing the right
7. exhibits more patience than me, especially when Mr. Hunter, our lab, licks his bum and makes a super loud noise that freaks me out. Seriously, I'm getting upset a bit just thinking about how loud he licks his bum
8. is always willing to give more of herself than she has to give
9. can use a shovel and pick better than I can
10. reassures me that no matter what salary I command or position I hold she'll love me all the same

Doesn't that about sum up mothers? They're simply better people than the rest of us.