Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Are You Bored Yet?"

People--who are not teachers--always ask me that question during the "lazy" months of summer. Like, what on earth could someone do with 2-1/2 months of free time? Well, I'll tell you...
*Fully two of the last four weeks have been spent with visitors in our home...relatives from California and Colorado, friends from Georgia, friends and relatives from Utah...SO much fun! So much work and time invested. They might have been bored, but not me!
*I painted our living room and bathroom already and I'm preparing to stain our deck. Boring? Yes. But this is not watching "As the World Turns" and eating bonbons.
*I have a daily weeding schedule, in hopes of erradicating the endless unwanted plants in our garden and flower beds. And there are still so many weeds. But the peas are nearly on and that makes it worth my time!
*We've spent two of the last five weekends out of town, visiting family and doing some sweet hiking in Moab (more on that someday, when I get pictures from a friend). Definitely not dull! Kris read the Hunger Games sequel to me as we drove, so even that wasn't boring.
*We've attended (and completed, as of last week) our mandatory adoption classes and finished all of our adoption paperwork. Ok, that last part is a sick joke. We've completed all of the paperwork for now. I know that there is more lurking in our future. Boring? Oh, my, yes! But so worth it and so busy.
*Right now I am creating wall art to beautify our house. Pics to follow, as soon as I finish and hang the pieces. I just love creating things.

So that's a little taste of my summer so-far. And yes, I've read a couple of books because I wanted to (not because my students begged me to). I take Hunter for walks and sometimes--gasp--take naps. With nearly half of my summer vacation gone and several more trips and projects in the works, I don't see myself having time to get bored before that first school bell rings the start of a new year. But I am absolutely loving all of the things that I don't have the time or energy to do August-May. Want to come visit? :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stay in Bed!

Because sometimes, when you don't, you're sorry. Take, for instance, yesterday. It seemed like a great day, the kind of day that makes you jump from your bedclothes, hair on fire, assured of smiles and good times start to finish. I straightened up around the house after a weekend of abandonment, started reading a new novel, chilled around the house and then headed South to see a favorite mission companion after nearly a year's separation. Life was good.

And then Kris's granddad had a stroke. So I came home early to be with Kris.

And then, this happened:

Oh, fine, that's an exaggeration. I didn't get any pictures (besides with my cell phone) but my six-car pile up looked a lot more like this one (thank Heaven!):

In my time as an adult driver, I have been involved in three accidents (none of them my fault). Perhaps you will see a common thread as I relate each one... 1)An old man pulls out of a parking lot, not seeing my car traveling down the road, and tears off my bumper. 2) I am stopped at a stop light. The old lady behind me sees the arrow light turn green, thinks it is our light, and rams my bumper. 3) I am traveling down the free-way and slow to a stop with the rest of traffic. And old man does not slow down and rams my bumper. Four additional cars join our merry meeting, the last one traveling at about 65 mph.

Conclusion? Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action! Old people have a vendetta with my bumper. Don't ask me why.

But although it's tempting to think that I should have stayed in bed to start with, I feel quite blessed that my only damage is a bumper and a stiff/sore back and neck. And seeing tiny little Permann with a basketball strapped to her front was definitely worth it anyway. She's going to be a great mom. :) Ah, heck, it's another story for the grandkids of someday, right?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do this!

Mix roughly equal parts brown sugar and sour cream. Allow it to "come together" for about five minutes or so. Then dip your strawberries and enjoy!