Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Buckskin Dance (Eulogy for Una)

When once the moon, fat from waxing
and turning,
              turns its slow march toward darkness—
recall the revolving of kaleidoscope feathers
fluttering from shadow
to light,
children, all, of
and the timbre of Earth’s own heart.

When once clay and bone, made ashes from burning
and learning,
to rest upon the wind
and years make you forgetful and me forget…

May we both remember what we both know—
You visited me this morning on the lips of a poem.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Surprise

Hmmm. So I'm not really too sure how to start this post. I think it should have something to do with fruit comparisons and tight fitting clothing or maybe some wry humor about cravings and growing feet. A picture of something I’ve peed on? I think that's the traditional way, but...there's nothing traditional about this pregnancy...

That's right, I said it: we're pregnant! All three of us. Kris says it's kind of like polygamy. (Joke, people, joke!)

But seriously, Kris and I are pleased to announce that one cool birthmom has selected us as the parents of her baby. We first heard from Stephanie a little before Christmas, and then emailed back and forth every day for two weeks. Last week we finally got to meet her and she is an absolute doll. Stephanie allowed us to tag along to her first doctor's visit and I can't even describe how amazing it was in that moment when the ultrasound screen went from black nothingness to a tiny, squirming LIFE. Incredible. Here it just looks like grey smudges.  Sorry about that.

The baby is due in July, and we’re thrilled.

You know, when you tell people that you're adopting, you get a lot of mixed reactions. Some people offer you their children. My boss cried (likely at the hopeful prospect that this might finally be the year they get rid of me). One of my coworkers began jumping up and down, shouting with joy. A lot of people just automatically start telling you about every heart-breaking adoption horror story they've ever heard, connected to the aunt's nephew's cousin's friend of someone they once sat next to on a plane. It’s always an adventure. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re stuck at a boring work party, try telling people that you’re adopting. Things get lively, real quick!

This is a scary time—adoptions don't always work out and we'll be on pins and needles until the last paper is signed. If things go amiss, we'll definiely be crying on your shoulder.  But, we've decided not to let that possibility keep us from being happy now. So the next time someone reacts with dire warnings, here’s my planned response: “Yeah, well, the odds that YOU will develop hemorrhoids are 25:1.” I did not make that up. The probability that the sketchy website I found it on did is like 12,000,000:1. Nevertheless, consider yourself warned: If you respond to this post, do so with overwhelmingly positive support, or ELSE. To quote, “I just got a new pacemaker; I can go all day!” Do you want me to have to also tell you that the chance of being on a plane piloted by an intoxicated man is 117:1? Or that the odds of YOUR child being a genius are 250:1 (Except for you, mom, that number is WAY lower for you…).

Alright now that the joking is over here’s the gushy stuff. Thanks for all of your support—it really does mean a lot and we appreciate the many ways that family and friends have been there for us through this journey. We love you guys. And we’ll keep you posted. :)