Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Eden,

I want you to know something that you won't remember, but which I will never forget:

There once was a time when my smile (nothing more complicated or expensive than that) brought you pure joy. And me the same of you.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Several years ago Sierra and I discovered that the BEST apples and cider are found at Paradise Valley Orchard.  It was an accident the first time, a whim on the side of the road during a fall leaves photo shoot.  Oh how quickly a whim becomes an addiction! 

This year I visited Paradise twice.  The first time (with Sierra, naturally!) we didn't get any photos or cider because the apples weren't ready yet.  The second time happened as an accident while trying to locate a pumpkin patch with friends.  True story. And it was the most gorgeous day!  The sky was grey but not cloudy, the air cool but not cold.  And it just felt like the most wholesome, pure thing to do, snapping apple after apple from their perch.

That's what I call quality family time!

 Eden wasn't too sure what was going on, but I think she liked it.  Even if she was dressed like a hobo, since the change in weather caught me a wee bit off guard (after a summer of onsies...sigh).

This is my great friend Stephanie and her adorable son (i.e. the man that Eden will marry one day, whether they like each other or not, but of course they will since she will grow up to be the nicest, prettiest woman around and this little chap will be the handsomest, nicest gentleman around...).

See?  They already have a thing for each other. ;)

And here is our friend Mark with the apple barn where you go to purchase the cider.  Um...cider!

I simply adore fall and this was one sublime day. Thanks again, Sierra, for discovering Paradise with me lo those many years ago!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Four Months!

Eden is on the cusp of being a big, 4-month-old baby.

Sometimes we both cry about it.  She's just growing so fast and changing so much every day!

She's as shocked as I am about the way her cankles are now Michelan Man-esque. At all of 10.5 lbs., Eden has more than doubled her homecoming weight and nearly tripled her lightest measurement.  But don't worry...sheis still only 22" long.  She'll never catch Kris in height.

But Eden does follow in Kris's footsteps by adoring his wife.  Morning is Eden's best time of day and she wakes up happy every time, thrilled to find that we still exist.  Her current super-powers include sleeping for eight hours in a row at night, splashing in the bathtub, chatting up a storm, and wiggling her bum in prodigious efforts to roll over. 

We can't get enough of her big blue eyes and infectious grin.  How DID we get so lucky?