Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book Worm

Eden is a week shy of fifteen months now, and she's a constant crack up.  Her favorite activity is reading.  As you can see, she knows just how to get the books and sit down for a cozy few minutes of bliss.  She often babbles out loud while she looks at the pictures, which is pretty cute. 

It's a common occurrence for Eden to find me at the sink doing dishes and when I look down in response to her tugs, she has a book for me to read to her.  I have a personal rule that if at all possible I will drop what I'm doing and read whenever she asks me to.  Hey, I can think of worse ways for a toddler to get Mom's attention!

But the other day when we were taking one of our reading breaks, Eden surprised me by exiting my lap and taking the book away mid-story.  Do you know what she did with it?  Strolled over to her daddy, crawled up into his lap, and finished reading it with him.  Can you say, "Wounded mommy pride"?

I love that Eden loves her daddy, though.  And books!  The English teacher in me thrills at the sight.  And one day, yes one day, we will learn to read them right-side up!     

The Roof, The Roof...

No, it's not on fire.  But it is finally finished!  Actually, it was finished a few weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to an emotional place where I can think about it again.  I tell you, that was one beast of a three-month project!  And although Kris shouldered the brunt of it, I did spend quite a bit of time up there before Eden was awake and as soon as she went down for the night. 

These are the only two pictures I took of the whole affair, which show none of the five tons of shingles and wood shakes Kris removed before we replaced the decking, tar paper, drip edge, flashing, and shingles.  Several friends and family members made huge efforts to help, but for the most part it really was the Kris Show.  During the hottest summer on recent record.  Ouch!  What a handsome lad, though, eh?  And his handiness saved us a ton of money.  I'm really proud of my Kris!