Monday, January 14, 2013

The Perks of Being Aged

There are days when I realize that I am 30 (riding the cusp of 31), and begin to feel a little panicky.  Am I old?  Is the best part of my life over?  I'll be 46 when Eden graduates from high school.  Fifty-nine when she marries (This may seem like poor math skills, but that's because you're forgetting that Eden isn't allowed to date. EVER.).  I mean, a couple of weeks ago I helped some teenage boys pick out an avocado and later heard them tell their girlfriends that "A pretty lady helped us get a good one."  Lady.  Not girl, not chick.  Lady.  At least I was pretty. But good-bye youth, this is middle age! And so a crisis begins.  The remedy:

NO, watching this ridiculous (and addicting) soap doesn't make me feel young and hip; it gives me something to look forward to.  After all, what can compare to catty old women sitting around dressed to the nines and speaking their minds? 

I'll never have that many diamonds, but I still see a whole lot of awesome in my future. Bring it, age!     

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Budding (Pudding) Picasso

With the busyness of the holidays behind us, Eden and I are almost caught up on all of the washing and cleaning and putting away in our queue.  At last, there is time for more play.  So today we made pudding paint and set about a glorious work. Unfortunately the battery for our real camera was dead, but these shots still capture a bit of our fun. 
First, Eden cautiously rearranged the cups several times.
Then she got down to business in a serious way... 

finally discovering the pure joy of creation!

Absolute perfection.