Monday, February 25, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

And now to our family edition of Minute to Win It.  I'll apologize for the poor photo quality.  Although the mansion was superb in nearly every way, the lighting was dim at best. 

First up in the photos, the best aunt in the family (Sierra, of course) made super hero capes for the kiddos.  I neglected to get a picture of all three of them at the same time, but here is Eden rocking hers:

Sierra was also a fabulous master of ceremonies.  Here she is playing Pennyhose.

Next Kris used Vaseline on his nose to move cotton balls from one side of the table to the next.  Like a champ!

My sweet and steady little niece was a professional stacker of dice on a popsicle stick, with a small assist from her daddy. 

Then we both participated in dancing the ping-pong balls out of an empty tissue box.  That's right...I, Samantha Bell, was forced to dance.  It was not a pretty sight. 

My parents both participated in their own events, but this is my favorite picture of them.  Aren't they cute!

The hardest event, by far, was stacking the chapsticks with chopsticks.  Here my nephew gives it his best go, with a little assist from Dad. (A side note, Little G's original event was also dancing the balls out of the tissue box.  He danced so hard that his pants fell down!  I love him too much to post that photo.  Barely!  You are welcome, Future G!) In the end only Collin and Kris were able to stack all four chapsticks, and the tournament winner came down to who did it fastest...

It was Collin for the win!  Here his family takes their victory push-up... 

and receives the grand prize, complete with trophy.

The whole weekend was a blast.  Our digs were sweet and the entertainment was non-stop, but all of that just served as a background to one superb reminder that family is the most important thing in the world.  Love you guys!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

President's Day 2013

It has long been tradition that my family gets together for a ski vacation every President's Day weekend.  Sometimes we have crashed at a family member's house.  Other times we've all crammed into a single hotel room.  This year my parents robbed a bank (kidding...I think...) and we stayed in a slope-side, multimillion dollar cabin.
Eagle's Nest Lodge

No lie, this place was ridiculous!  In an effort to get Eden to sleep well, Kris and I claimed the suite most insulated from noise, wherein we had our own fireplace, couch, wet bar, balcony, laundry room, and fancy-shmancy bathroom.  Coming home on Monday was a little rough.

Eden spent her time giddy over the herd of turkeys that roosted in the trees barely beyond our balcony.  She loved to stare at them and make her best gobble-gobble noise. 

When we could pry ourselves from The Ritz, skiing together was a lot of fun.  My brother's kids are fearless and I would have been inclined to say that there was nothing cuter than my 5-year-old niece shouting "Girls Rule!" while blowing my doors off, or my 3-year-old nephew gleefully cruising on the end of the rope his daddy held to keep him from disaster.  But then this happened:

Eden's first ski run!  She was a little unsure what this strange new thing was all about, but I don't think I've ever seen my dad happier.  Besides, Eden was the cutest little snow bunny ever.  When she wasn't on skis, she was cruising around the base in her puffy coat, leggings, beanie and cowboy boots, waving to all of the people like she was the queen of the Peach Parade. 

The rest of us had a good time too.  My ever-so-sweet-and-generous mother recently found a great deal on some rad ski jackets and picked two up for my sister and I.  We couldn't resist...

Nerdy?  Yes.  But man did we have fun!  Stay tuned for a post about our Minute to Win It Adventures.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Last night, my beloved and I both lay awake at about 3AM with insomnia.  Insomnia isn't my ideal way to spend the night, so I was a bit crotchety.  So what did I do?

Sam: "Are you awake?"
Kris: "I'm going to give you a piledriver."

Happy Valentine's Day dear.

Perhaps I watched too much WWF wrestling as a kid...

PS I did not, in fact, carry through with my threat.  Rather, we mused about whether or not we should go turn on the TV to watch the weather channel.