Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We made it.  Through the NICU, through 2-1/2 weeks of hotel living, through a 2,000 mile drive and a flight with a newborn and toddler, through (sort of) unpacking our things, through Kris's first few days at his new job... we made it.  Hallelujah!

I should add that we wouldn't have made it at all without Kris's dad driving with him, Susan (Kris's mom) flying with me and doing almost all of the unpacking, my sister dog sitting and cleaning, my mom acting as the hotel room and nanny service, and several friends helping out with Eden.  Bless you, every one!

I now take a moment (which should really be used for the shower I haven't taken since Sunday) to post a couple of pictures.  One day I will get around to our neighborhood and house and maybe even a few stories from these last few weeks.  That day is not this day.  I give you Jude on the day we brought him home (or at least to the Marriot Residence Inn...same thing, right?)

He weighed five pounds and four ounces and had already grown to 19".  For comparison, Eden was three months old before she reached that length.  And speaking of Eden, here she is loving Jude.  And, oh man, does she love him!  She nearly had a nervous breakdown at the hospital when we picked him up because we wouldn't let her hold him and feed him and shove his binky into his mouth immediately.  She was born for this sister stuff!

So this is Jude today.  He weighs in at just about seven pounds and is 19.75" long.  Can you tell that all of the extra weight is in his cheeks?

We are loving this crazy adventure called life!