Saturday, October 19, 2013

4 Months

Jude is SO big.  Like yesterday night he wore some pajamas that Eden wore when she was ten months old. I know that's hardly a fair comparison (she is, after all, a very tiny person), but I'm just constantly blown away at how big Jude feels to me.  He's 15 pounds now and nearly 25" long. 

It's not just size though.  Jude is big in all sorts of ways.  A week ago he moved into his crib in his very own bedroom.  He might as well have packed his bags and hopped an ocean or two.  This is big kid territory, and I'm thinking it's coming awfully fast.   

He's a coo-er and a giggler and nearly impossible to catch on camera doing either.  Whereas Eden was born thinking that everything is hilarious, Jude's not so sure.  When I make a weird face at him or emit a funky noise, he's just as likely to cry as anything else.  He's our tender little guy. 

And independent.  Jude's already rolling over from his back to his stomach and occasionally even stomach to back.  He spends a lot of time on his tummy just mad as a hornet because he can't crawl yet.  I used to think that he would NEVER obtain a form of locomotion because he would just lay there like, "Oh, I'm on my stomach?  Well that's cool."  Nothing ever seemed to get him down.  Now, alas, he's found his ambition and ushered in the fall of his discontent.  I really believe that he'd like to walk himself to kindergarten already, if only his stupid baby body would just hurry up and cooperate. 

Eden loves him just as much as ever.  She's very patient when Jude pulls her hair on accident and thinks she is his proper mother.  When he is sad she covers him with whatever "blanket" she can find (towel, burp cloth, t-shirt, etc.) and sings his namesake song.  He's mostly just in awe of her and loves to watch the amazing things she can do. 

We all love this little Jude dude. Has it really only been four months?  It feels like we've loved him forever.  Which we will.   

Friday, October 11, 2013


Eden's new favorite word is "party".  She knows that its use is always followed up with awesome things like swimming, friends, and (now) pony rides.  Perfect, right?

Some members of our ward own and operate an agri-tourism business.  You know, the old corn maze, barn swing, pony ride sort of place.  Once a year they host a ward party where everyone gets to go hog wild for free. Eden was in heaven.

I just LOVE this stage of her life. Everything is magical and new and (to quote), "I so 'cited!"

Can you believe this big kid, riding a pony all by herself?  I only wish I had better pictures.  The memories are golden.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Day 1:
Wait...what's happening?
Day 2:
Vacation? Deal!

Day 3:
Still having fun

Day 5:
Furlough beard in effect

Day 6:
This is getting old

Day X: