Friday, January 10, 2014

More Bad Pictures of Cute People

For Eden, snow is magic.  Pure magic.

So was eating Chinese takeout at 10 pm after a trip to instacare to her dislocated elbow following a grand frolic with a family friend.  "Mama, doctor taked picture of arm.  Eden had ouchie.  Dr. fix it.  Gave Eden candy!"

Visiting great-grands was fun as always.

Christmas Eve pajama party!

So much fun in the winter wonderland.  Thanks for the great trip, everybody!  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Incomplete and Random Photographic Record of an Epic Trip

Jude can sleep anywhere.  This was taken the day after we returned, and I think effectively illustrates how tired we all were after sleeping horribly for sixteen nights. (Jude actually slept pretty well on the road...it was the rest of us who didn't.  Eden woke up screaming multiple times each night and Kris and I took turns holding the stuffy-headed Jude upright so that he could sleep.  Is this what it means to be an adult?  I've had enough of it, thank you very much! ;)  

How do you like Jude's tux for finalizing his adoption?  My cute mom got it for him and he was definitely the most dapper little man in the room!

Eden is obsessed with the snowman song from nursery.  Can you imagine her delight when she got to build a "huge, big snowman" and an "Eden-size" with Poppa? In fact, she just loved playing in the snow period.  She insisted on sledding all by herself, going skiing, and taking daily snowmobile rides. Poor thing doesn't know she lives in Louisiana.

This can't be comfortable, right?  Jude disagrees.

Name's Bell.  Jude Bell.  The judge just made it official!

My kids have the four BEST grandparents ever.  Plus some dynamite great-grands. It was so fun seeing all of them and having our kids play with cousins.  Why didn't I take more pictures?!  

Eden, before we left, playing with the nativity Grandpa Bell made. She took to the whole Christmas thing with great zeal.  It wasn't long before she began using her "phone" to call all of the essential players: "Hello!  Baby Jesus, are you there?  Uh, huh.  Mmmm.  Ok.  Love you.  Bye!" What a cute kid.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

And...we're back!

Sometimes people will ask the rhetorical, "Where did such and such time go?"  I do not ask that question about the last two months.  I know exactly where they went.  First we had a lovely Thanksgiving with new friends.  Then, the packing began.  No joke.  Listen, I don't know how you people with a bajillionty kids do it.  In preparation for our 2.5 week trek west, I ended up filling three full-size suitcases.  (Schlepping those suckers to the ticket counter with two babes in arms and their massive car seats was swell!) At the conclusion of the packing, we drove to Dallas, flew to Denver, drove to Piceance Creek, drove to Logan, drove to Layton, drove to Twin Falls, Drove to Piceance Creek, drove to Denver, flew to Dallas, drove home.  Along the way we had an awesome time with family, visited wonderful friends, finalized Jude's adoption, went to the temple, checked in with two sets of birth families, and gained MORE LUGGAGE.  

Should I ever recover from the exhaustion, expect a flurry of posts with crappy cell phone pictures to boot.  If not...it's been nice knowing you.

Hope you all had a rocking good Christmas and are off to a splendid New Year!