Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I can't get over the fact that this little dude only has three months until his birthday.  Three months.  He's just getting so old! And cute, if I may say so.

Jude is cruising along the milestone chart pretty darn well for a preemie.  He babbles and mimics us a lot now and has moved on to a mostly finger foods diet.  Some of his favorites include banana, black beans, mandarin oranges, peas, bread, strawberries, scrambled eggs, and graham crackers.  He army crawls everywhere these days and loves chasing the broom if I happen to be sweeping. 

He's almost always in motion and happy.  His happy is just so different from Eden's.  Whereas hers is constantly on the verge of delighted shrieks and dance moves, Jude's happy is a quiet, calm contentment. What a sweetie. (This is true of all times except during diaper change...then he is a stubborn, opinionated, shrieking banshee who views being pinned on his back as the cruelest torture.)

Jude loves Kris and I and is a particularly good snuggle bug.  He's pretty crazy about Hunter too, but Eden is unquestionably the apple of those dark brown eyes.  The two of them really play quite well together and often get into giggle fits.  I am enjoying this particular trait while it lasts :). 

We love you, Handsome Man!