Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cypress Zoo

Today I took the kids to the local zoo.  As in the place where they keep exotic things like pigs, deer, donkeys, peacocks and an alligator on display. Eden loved it.  Jude was beside himself with cage-rattling, finger pointing joy.  I think it was extra fun for him because we've been reading a lot of books with these animals in them and he's learning their names and today he got to see that those pictures represent real things. At any rate, it was definitely a morning well spent.

Easily Eden's favorite animal every time is this big, fat cat that roams the grounds.

It was cool and rainy this morning, so Eden got to rock the leggings and wellies look.  She currently refuses to wear anything but skirts and dresses.  It could be a long life.

This deer and turkey were cracking me up.  They were every bit as interested in Jude as he was in them.  Kind of makes you wonder who comes to see whom at the zoo...

I don't know how I managed to avoid taking a picture of the signs posted every three feet, loudly proclaiming that all of the animals bite.  

Since I'm a really good mom, I let my kids touch the animals anyway.  No biting ensued.  Plenty of kissing.

Can you believe how big these kids of mine are?  I love everything about them.  How lucky I am to be their mama and get to have fun adventures like this.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Current Haps

Besides being an epic weekend of honey-do's, general conference weekend is a good time for retrospection.  And so it struck me that it's been a while since we posted some of our current pictures and such.

Eden has started a preschool group with a few families in the ward - needless to say, she's ecstatic!  A few months ago Sam started tutoring a neighbor kid in English, and each time she came over Eden had to do her own schoolwork too.  Preschool is a big hit.

Jude has a real affinity for sitting in laps.  And reading.  These days, he'll frequently bring a book to Sam or me, turn around, and plop himself down.  He'll even settle for stuffed animal laps when no others are available.

Eden is a fish.  There's no other explanation.  Generally she won't ask or tell us, and then we'll find that she's stripped nude and found a puddle, pool, or water bucket.  This is a rare time when we suited up properly for some swimming.

We're glad to be a family and thankful that we understand God's plan of happiness.  Hope you enjoyed conference and such.