Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Card Bloopers

During our travels this summer, I started telling Eden bedtime stories about a little red panda named Suki.  Somehow her thirst for these charming tales (thought up on the fly and dull as dishwater to anyone but Eden) has become unquenchable.  She begs me to tell her a Suki story upon first waking.  In the car.  Over lunch.  While using the potty. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to meet that kind of demand?

Tonight it came in handy as we took pictures for our Christmas card.  All I had to do was string a few Suki yarns, and Eden cooperated beautifully.  I love that we captured this giggle.

Jude was a harder nut to crack.  First we tried bargaining.  Next, we tried coercion.

 Begging followed soon after.

Then bribery via the forbidden ornament.

What we really needed was: 1) a chair to keep him still, and 2) some seriously awesome off-camera dance moves.  Unfortunately, he wasn't impressed.

Our last attempt involved singing.  Finally, the rain washed that *%$@ itsy-bitsy spider out and all was well.

I think we got a couple of money shots, but you'll have to wait until our card comes out to see those.  Can we all just agree in the meantime that our kids are freaking cute?  Can I get an amen?