Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 In Review (I finally uploaded from my phone...)

Fishing with Papa

Visiting the Art Gallery with Nona

Chilling with a Shetland Bull at the Scottish Festival

 Jude Coming out of General Anesthetic

Eden about to Go Under General Anesthetic

Making Eyes at Each Other

Two Men Fixing Up a Bike

Grandparents Bell Visiting for Birthdays

Home Depot Sells Jude for Cheap

Back When Jude Used to Sleep Anywhere

Playing With Cousin Megan at Family Reunion

Doing a Science Experiment

Playing Dress-Up

We Are Really Good Parents

My Hair Dyed Dark

Liquid Sidewalk Chalk Is Amazing Fun

Jude Finally Learned to Walk (The Cape Gave Him Courage)

All of the Other Girls Got Princess Crowns

Witch and Her Owl with Superman and Clark Kent

The Jedi Returned (And He Eats Mud)

Cuties at the Nativity Celebration

Christmas Eve Walk at the Neighborhood Golf Course

I should really upload and post pictures from my phone more often...