Thursday, June 18, 2015

Birthday Bash

If you've been to one birthday party at my house, you've been to them all: backyard, water toys, friends, food, the end. Hallelujah for early summer birthdays! Nothing cute and fancy and super planned going on here.  Why?  Simplicity has worked so far, so I'm riding that train until her wheels fall off.  

This year, however, Eden was old enough to really know that her birthday was coming.  She had some very particular requests that shaped the party. She wanted water balloons to play with, a certain guest list, Barbies as gifts (oh, how I hoped she'd forget about that one!), and candy to give to her friends.  For months in advance, Eden fantasized about having a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, and a strawberry on top.  She did not eat the strawberry.

Jude got vanilla cupcakes for his offering, because 1) he doesn't care, 2) I love them, and 3) they don't stain things.

Jude fared alright with the cupcakes, but did not care for the party in general.  He spent the first two hours refusing to depart from his dad's lap.  Little introvert.  At least he had fun for the last few minutes :) Wait for it...

Yep, there it is!  He warmed up during the present opening and then enjoyed the last few minutes.

I've come to realize that you can either be the caterer and photographer, OR you can be the mama and enjoy the moment.  Hence, these are the only decent pictures I got. Dinner was a Mexican chopped salad, quesadillas, fresh fruit, and blueberry lemonade. There was a bounce castle.  And water balloons.  Eden chased around with all of her pals. We sang and blew out candles, etc. et al.  

Mostly we were just thrilled to have so many wonderful friends attend and celebrate our incredible TWO-year-old and his amazing FOUR-year-old sister.  I can't believe they're getting so big!