Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Four Years

A few days ago, Kris was applying deodorant and Eden asked him what that stuff growing under his arms was.  So he explained about armpit hair.  Eden thought it over for moment and then responded, "Yeah?  I got something: Boobs!" Bangarang.

So that's Eden at 4.  Mostly sweet, often hilarious, and fairly confident that whatever she has is just as good as whatever you have.  (As a side note, I don't go around pulling down my shirt and announcing my goods...wherever she learned that, it wasn't me!) She's still a totally social creature; often her first response to getting or finding something good is to ask me if she can give some to her friends.  She still LOVES babies and is definitely Jude's second mama. Wild Kratts is her favorite TV show and she adores having long stories read to her.  Most of Eden's play is very imaginative these days, but she also loves to ride her bike and do gymnastics moves. And any day is a good day for a dance party.  

We did a homeschool preschool co-op this year, which saw Eden survive the burn and burnout of her first crush (fun while it lasted, Harrison, now give me that toy!), first brush with a mean girl (who told her she wasn't pretty), and first graduation.  She had a lot of fun with that, but will still tell me regularly that she doesn't want to go to kindergarten.  Good thing we've got one more year :)

I can't believe I've been a mama for four years.  It's been more wonderful than I ever imagined.  It is, in fact, my greatest adventure.  Lead on! 

Two Years of Benevolentish Tyranny

At two, Jude is a riot.  He's stubborn, opinionated, often irrational, fiercely independent, totally whiny, seriously clingy, entirely imperious.  So, yeah.  He's two.  The amazing part is that I love this little monster so much.  He gives the widest, sweetest smiles when he does the naughtiest things, and loves nothing more than to tease me.  He often chases me around shouting, "Pinchy bum!" and attempting to follow through.  He giggles like a maniac when he wrestles with Eden.  He shrieks with joy when Daddy comes home.  We're all putty in those small, Machiavellian hands.

After refusing to make much noise during the first year of his life, Jude's turning out to be a little smarty pants. He loves to be read to and usually repeats everything I say when we're reading.  He's already learned several letters of the alphabet and can often be heard "counting" things in imitation of Eden, reciting the numbers in order.  He's very observant and seems to pick things up pretty quickly. He loves to tell stories too, though his best efforts there involve shouting a few key words over and over again until we fill in the gaps for him.  Ask him to tell you the one about elk sometime; it's a real scream.

Jude is definitely an introvert and a mama's boy, but it's really fun to see him play with other kids once he's warmed up.  He's also a total daredevil, as long as he's in charge of the daring (e.g. he will hate it if you swing him around or drop him on the couch, but he has no problem climbing the tallest thing at the playground and jumping off of it).  He loves swimming, swinging, and Flinstoning it on a bike. 

We love this zany little dude and look forward to the third year of his reign :)