Saturday, March 12, 2016

Louisiana: (n.) a French word meaning one big flood plain

This week our area got between 15"-18" of rain.  That's a LOT of water.  At one point during the night, the thunder was so continuous that I couldn't ever gauge how far away it was by counting between strike and roll. It never got quiet enough.

Although many of our friends have been evacuated from their homes, we've been just fine. It's been sobering to see that some of the neighborhoods under water are places where we considered buying. I'm forever sold on purchasing the high ground!

Because my church calling makes it my responsibility to help coordinate our congregation's various welfare and disaster relief needs, it's been a very busy week as well. My initial glorious ideas of rainy days spent reading books in our pajamas got smothered under a giant wet blanket. I've spent a lot of time glued to my phone.  A lot of time telling my children to hush and go away. Although I really find value in serving my community, this hasn't been my gold star mother moment. These pictures are to remind me that I do fun stuff with my kids (at least some of the time).

  (Random side note, bathtub crayons are really not that easy to clean off.)

This spring, along with a hoard of weeds large enough to take over Manhattan, our lawn produced several volunteer lettuce plants. Eden came inside a few days ago to announce that she had moved the lettuce back into our garden for safety.  I thought every plant would be dead by morning.

What do I know? Every single plant is thriving!  We sowed a variety of seeds today, as well as placing some flowers to join our valiant lettuce.

I've always and illogically been a tad superstitious about names.  Notwithstanding a long rap sheet of former students named Angel who were devils, I've somehow clung to the idea that what you name a person can become who they are.  So I guess I'm not really surprised that delightful Eden seems to be the best gardener in the family.  At any rate, I'm glad we could dig in the dirt together today. That's just good, clean family fun.

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  1. Dude two words: scrubbing bubbles. And you are such a fun mom. Love the painting pics. Also I laughed out loud at the lettuce transplant. Literally. She is amazing. And I can't wait to squeeze her again. Last thing- didn't you minor in history? High ground. Always. No exceptions. Glad you're ok. And that you do so much to help your community.