Monday, June 13, 2016


A month ago, we left Louisiana.  I've been a little surprised at just how much I miss it.  Like, I didn't expect to take it so personally that the grocery store here doesn't sell a single "Slap Ya Mama" product.  Where, oh where, have all the Cajuns gone?

We made such good friends there too.  Eden sometimes cries about how much she wishes she could have them all over to play.  Jude often packs a bag and tells me he's headed to Shreveport.  I just mope in silence and swear to never make another friend again as long as I live.

In truth, we're doing fine.  Ohio is beautiful and full of such nice people.  Our neighbors have welcomed us with open arms. In the evenings we head outside so the kids can ride their bikes with their friends two doors down.  It's actually shady and cool enough to do that here!  Plus, no venomous snakes. Loving the absence of snakes.

The move wasn't without a few bobbles.  We spent two weeks living on base, and then another week and half camping out in our empty house.  In spite of the fact that Susan Bell's moving service didn't come bail us out this time, our main living areas are all unpacked. One round of the flu, one round of strep, and a good case of food poisoning (thanks, Cracker Barrel!) haven't stopped us. Life here is beginning.

After all, we're together.  We have ice cream and bubbles. What more is there, really? Team Bell, doing this thing.

P.S. How about that Ohio Mama Barber strike?  It's really taking a toll! Maybe one day Jude can loose the shag...