Thursday, August 18, 2016


Tomorrow, Eden starts kindergarten.  But is she ready?

I'd say this picture about covers it...

She's the jumping out of her skin kind of excited. As we watched the big kids get on the bus this morning, she was sure that they were headed to paradise. She just can't wait to meet all of her new friends.

Eden picked out her first day outfit weeks ago, and has had her backpack packed since the first day of August. When we talk about our day during bedtime, she often tells me that staring at her backpack was one of her favorite parts. This kid has a serious crush on kindergarten.

Let's hope it lasts. I'm pretty sure that hugging trees and identifying the birds at our backyard feeder aren't part of the curriculum. As long as she gets to hug the class pet turtle, I suppose it might work out.

Jude and I are going to miss her so much that it hurts. I feel a little like I'll spend tomorrow wandering around the house like Jerry Seinfeld after the Soup Nazi has spoken. "No Eden for you!"

 This face. Who could help but love this face? She's going to be amazing.