Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Show Boat

This is Jude on his balance bike. The boy who cries when I leave him alone in our basement for two seconds has absolutely no fear when on a bike. He rides up to the top of our little cul de sac and then comes screaming down the hill so fast that we all think he will die (mostly because he's busy checking to see if we are seeing this, rather than watching where he is going). Total show boat.

I dread the day when he gets a peddle bike and can go even faster. They don't make a helmet for that kind of crazy.

Eden, meanwhile, has learned to ride a peddle bike all by herself, no training wheels. Thankfully, the child is a chicken. She pumps her breaks constantly on any sort of hill. I can keep up with that.

In case you are wondering, Eden was wearing her winter jacket. It was 70 degrees, or as I like to call it, "colder than our last Christmas in Louisiana". Bless our hearts, we are in for some pain.

After the kids get bored of bike riding, they often spend their evenings playing in the grove of trees between our house and the neighbors. They collect sticks, climb trees, and pretend to be birds. Here I caught them in an impromptu embrace.

And just to prove that I don't only photograph my kids, here's a gratuitous picture of heavy dew and a leaf in a spider web. Why not?


  1. That leaf picture is amazing! Instagram! Also those kids are amazing. And you're going to freeze your butts off...and I shall have my sweet revenge.

  2. great pics! I love the impromptu embrace! and that unicorn helmet kills me. :) tough guy on his bike, eh? Good for him! Maybe not so good for you...