Monday, November 7, 2016

Golden Fall

It doesn't produce the straight-on-and-smiling shots that grandmas love to get on Christmas cards, but my favorite way to photograph the kids is when they are totally engrossed in some sort of play. 

Lately, those opportunities have been easy to come by, since we can't get enough of our backyard.  It has been (I'm told) an extra mild fall in Ohio.  At first I fretted that too many leaves were falling without turning; it felt like fall in Louisiana all over again, all promise and no glory. One of these days, maybe I'll learn patience.  It has turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!

I don't love every single thing about our house, but the lot? Heaven help me, I'm in love! The best part of it is wooded, such that we have a solid population of chickadees, finches, cardinals, blue jays, nuthatches and titmice, millions of fireflies all summer long, and now a curtain of gold.

So I do what any sane person would do, and take way too many pictures of the kids playing out there. I'll also do what any narcissist does, and make you see them all :)

We inherited the swing set from our neighbors, and the kids love it. We honestly have the nicest neighbors ever.

Hunter likes sniffing around in the leaves, looking for trouble.

This could just be the fall time talking, but I think that if Ohio grew a mountain or two and wooed our families into living here, it might just be the perfect place.


  1. LOVE!!! I am a BIG fan of candid photography. Un-posed is great! Assuming you can get it to be not blurry. your quality of light here is fantastic! compliments the golden leaves beautifully. I knew you had photography skills, but this really shows it!

  2. These are amazing. Creamy dreamy amazing! From her little bouquet of flowers to the Catfish Hunter shot to Jude leering off the swing. Amazing! And golden. Just like you Pony Boy. Just like you.

  3. Fireflies!!! That may be the one thing Alaska lacks. These photos are gorgeous. (As are your sweet tots.) Thanks for sharing them. We had a beautiful autumn too but now it feels soooo far away. We're a month in to a so far snowless winter. Let it snow!!!