Saturday, July 1, 2017

Still Here

And still taking the same predictable, up close, smiling pictures of Eden. I can't help myself. 

If you're thinking that these smiles look extra genuine, you're right. Kris had just tip-toed up and put a bucket on my head. Hilarious.

So, what's new since my last post (8 months ago?)? Here are a few things:

1) Eden finished her beloved kindergarten. She regularly tells me that she doesn't want to go to first grade, because it's BORING and you have to do TONS of homework. She knows, because the kids on the bus said so. I'm curious what she'll say when she realizes that the summer work packet they sent with her, which she begs to do every day, is...homework!

2) Kris is gearing up to slide over into a different management position at his work. That should be good, and hopefully make him a little less cranky. Just kidding. He's not cranky. But are you seeing that stank eye in the photo above? Meanwhile, I am headed back to work! I'll be teaching a writing class a couple of nights a week at our local community college. I think it will be minimally disruptive to our family, and a lot of fun for me.

3) We said good-bye to our best friend neighbors, who are moving with the military. That's been pretty sad. We'll be getting new neighbors there next month, and just hope that one of them can take over the job of pouring puddle water on Eden's umbrella. Big shoes to fill.

This is a pretty sorry update. But it counts for something, right?